Frequently Asked Questions

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What is included with admission price?

Admission includes unlimited rides and all shows the family can enjoy together. You do not pay for each ride.

Do you allow pets in the park?

We do not allow pets in the park. Service dogs only.

Do you have wheelchairs available?

We do not rent wheelchairs. We are wheelchair accessible, but keep in mind there are many hills as we are on the side of a mountain. We do offer a handout that shows easier paths through the park.

My child has food allergies, what do you offer?

If your child has a food allergy you are much safer bringing your own food. The risk of cross contamination and changing ingredients make it much more prudent to bring what you know your child can safely eat.

Do you host birthday parties?

We do have a birthday party room for groups of 20 or less. Information can be found here.

How long does it take to visit Santa’s Workshop?

We recommend at least 3 hours to ride all the rides, see Santa and a Magic Show.

Do you close for bad weather?

We are always open “weather permitting” so yes we can be closed due to the weather. We know by 8:30 in the morning if we will be able to open or not. There are many factors that we must evaluate to make this decision. It can be extreme cold, icy conditions, road conditions, fog, rain, etc. If in doubt please call ahead before coming to the park. Once the decision is made to close the park, it will be closed all day even if the weather improves.

Will I receive a refund due to bad weather?

We do not issue refunds due to weather. We do have a Rain Check available for use another day in the current season. Keep your receipt as you will need it to be issued a Rain Check. All rides in the park must be shut down for 60 consecutive minutes before we will issue a Rain Check.

Can we bring our own food?

We have a covered picnic pavilion for your use with your picnic lunch. We just ask that you not bring glass containers, alcoholic beverages or try to bbq. The picnic pavilion is located across the bridge and to the right after entering the park.

Is there a charge for parking?

Parking is free at Santa's Workshop.

Do you allow smoking in the park?

Designated smoking area is located below the train station in the outdoor area (not allowed in picnic pavilion). Smoking is not allowed anywhere else in the park. Refer to # 3 on the map. All smoking, including electronic smoking devices, is restricted to this designated area.

Do you offer season passes?

We do offer season passes that are good through December 24 of the current year. Details here.

What form of payments do you accept?

We accept cash, traveler’s checks and major credit cards. You will need to bring a picture ID to use your credit card. Without an ID we will not accept the credit card. We do not accept business or personal checks. We do have an ATM in our front gate building provided by

Do you offer a Military discount?

We do offer a military discount for Active Duty and Retired Military and their dependants. Current Military ID is needed for member, spouse and children age 12 and over to get the discount. The discount is $5.00 off our General Admission of $23.00. Children age 2 – 11 do not need an ID for the discount. We also offer the military discount to veterans as long as they can show proof of service.

Do you offer a Senior discount?

Anyone age 60 and over is entitled to free admission!

Do I need to actually show my coupon to receive a discount?

Yes. You MUST display or present any coupon to receive a discount.  Some coupons must be printed and some may be shown on your mobile device. Read your coupon to see if you must print.  Please remember that some cell phone services do not work in our location. We recommend that you print or save coupon to your device before you arrive at Santa’s Workshop.

May we leave the park to go out to our car?


Do you offer mailing of Christmas cards and letters?

Yes we do. We have a wonderful Santa’s Workshop cancellation stamp that is perfect for your Christmas cards and letters. We must have all mail to us by December 10. The only charge for this service is the actual cost of postage. Please do not use red envelopes as our cancellation stamp is red. Send your cards and letters to :

Santa’s Workshop
5050 Pikes Peak Highway
Cascade, CO 80809

Do you offer pictures with Santa?

We do have pictures with Santa in his house. We have a variety of packages available from $7.00 to $24.00. If you want to order pictures with Santa, please proceed to the Souvenir Shop (#5 on your map) as soon as you leave Santa’s House. That way you can get your pictures ordered and be able to pick them up before you leave the park. You may also take your own pictures with Santa.

Do you receive letters to Santa from children?

We receive thousands of Santa letters from boys and girls all over the globe. If there is a legible name and address from the sender they will receive a postcard from Santa. This postcard is sent from mail received from October 1 thru December 10. Any mail received before or after will not be answered. There is no charge for the postcard.